Industrial AIRTUG

Manufacturer: Pettibone Mercury
Production: 1955

Pettibone Mercury specialized in material handling equipment from 1881 to 1996. The Produced from 1950-1957 Pettibone airtug has been used to move aircraft, baggage carts and the like worldwide at general aviationand military air bases. The company was sold to the A&G manufacturing company in 1996 where aircraft tugs are still manufactured.

Maximum Speed: 25 miles per hour
Weight: 10760 pounds
Length: 8 feet 6 inches
Height: 4 feet 8 inches
Width: 5 feet 2 Inches
Engines: Ford Mercury 6 cylinder inline 200hp
Transmission: 2 speed automatic
Fuel Capacity: 10 US gallons fuel bladder
Towing capacity: 227000 pounds

The museums Pettibone Mercury A-55 GT AIRTUG was obtained from the FAA in Orlando Florida. It was procured by the FAA through the defense re-utilization management office having been turned in from the McDill Air Force Base in Tampa Florida in 1986. The museum is still searching for prior records but the tug is believed to have been delivered to an Air Force base in Alabama that has since closed.