The Collection

The T-28 Trojans were built to replace the T-6 Texan as trainer planes.  The Alpha and the Bravo have some differences. The propellers are different as the Alpha has a two blade constant, while the Bravo has a three blade constant speed.

During the Vietnam War, there was a severe need for air to ground support and the T-28 was the perfect plane to answer that need.


The T-28 Alpha was sold to Honduras and fought in the "100 Hour" or "Soccer War" in 1969 against El Salvador.  It was brought back by Curtis Aviation and the museum acquired it  in 2010 and began refurbishing it that year.


The transportation collection also includes a military jeep, "Deuce and a Half" military truck (2 1/2 ton) and a M274 "Military Mule". We recently received a Buffalo and an M13 Directors trailer to our Motor Pool collection.


Sept. 2014 Update: Our collection is ever growing with the additions of the BTD-1 Destroyer and the Beechcraft T-34 Mentor.



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